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Be active – complete challenges – receive rewards

For every outdoor activity you track with Cardio Athletic app you will receive promocodes, discounts and presents from our partners. You can even support a charity with your walking, running or cycling routine. You could also collect coins from our currency – Cheetah Coins and to “buy” goods with them from our store.

It is simple – choose the challenge to participate in and do the activity you love – walking, running or cycling. You can choose your favorite company or product by its logo in the listed options.

Cardio Athletic tracks your outdoor activity and save it for you to see your progress. Cardio Athletic helps you to have healthy lifestyle motivating you to be active every day makes you feel satisfied by completed different challenges.

App Features

Track Your Activity

Cardio Athletic app tracks your outdoor activities – walking, running and cycling.

Complete Challenges

You can participate in different activity challenges supported by our partners.

Collect Cheetah Coins

You receive Cheetah Coins for every outdoor activity you do – the more you do sports the more coins you receive. Use your coins for exchanging discounts and goods.

Receive Rewards

By completing the challenges you win discounts, promocodes and presents from our partners or make donation.

What we actually do?

More than 50% of Europeans never or seldom engage in kinds of physical activity, such as cycling, running or walking.

We motivate people with low physical activity levels and incentivize physical activity through receiving gifts (promo prices, goods, products) from different corporate challenges and collection of our virtual currency - Cheetah coins.


Elena Ruseva

Runner, MBA, Financial and Communications Expert

Nikolay Kotzev

Running Ninja, PhD, Innovator in H&W sector

Georgi Milanov

Runner, Developer, Master in Engineering

Met Candy

Walker, Data Scientist, Master in Mathematic

For Companies

Value proposition for the companies conducting corporate challenges

Corporate social responsibility

Giving an appropriate offer by incentivizing physical activity can lead to sufficiently increased physical activity levels. This could lead to better health, increased efficiency levels in the working hours and overall happiness of the employees.

Marketing and PR

The companies receive direct access to new customers – their corporate challenges are visible to all the users of the app. Also, the app has special banner section with listed ads.

Team building feature

The companies can organize their teambuilding via Cardio Athletic – the app provides access through a private key to the particular corporate challenge, hidden from users who are not company’s employees.

Creative PR

Involve your customers and employees in donations for different charities via their physical activity, creative place competition all around the world. Motivate your customers to be active and to have healthy lifestyle.

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Install Cardio Athletic and start to receive rewards from your physical activity.

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